White Campaign T-Shirt


White Campaign T-Shirt. Hands down, best fit and style. Best worn with a pair of Dickies. —Jon Tietz, Fashion Editor. Politic WordPress theme. 

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You could spend hours—hell, days—just searching for the perfect white T-shirt. Or you could take a shortcut and follow the advice of the experts. When it comes to style basics like crisp white tees, the men of GQ have tried ’em all (it’s practically our job). But because GQ’s staff isn’t made up of robots with sample-size bodies—actually, they’re a range of different body types and heights—they don’t all prefer the same tee. So we asked nine of them to tell us, in their expert opinion, which T-shirts are the best and why. Here are their answers, and what makes each their go-to tee.


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