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    Claudio Pires

    Step by step guide to setting up a bbPress forum – Part 1
    bbPress is a plugin for WordPress that adds forum capability to your site.

    bbPress inherits your currently active theme’s styles where it can to try and match your themes style. This can work really well on some themes, but sometimes doesn’t work well on others, so some styling may be needed. Out of the box, it works well with most of the default WordPress themes , but like I said it might need minor CSS styling to fix some layout issues.

    Setting up WordPress requires some or all of the following stages depending on how you want it to look.

    The instructions here generate a forum working within a twentyten theme that looks like:

    Claudio Pires

    In summary you need to

    Install the plugin
    Set up some test forums or import a forum
    Create a WordPress page for your forum display
    Amend any other settings
    Hidden vs. public forums – decide which or a mixture suits you
    Decide on registration/user logins – automatic or manual?
    Manually adding users to your forum – if you have chosen this route.
    Make sure bbPress uses the page template we want
    Add a custom sidebar or use existing sidebar with conditional logic
    So let’s get started.

    Claudio Pires

    1. Set up some test forums
    Go into Dashboard>forums>add new

    Add a forum and name it whatever you want, but you need at least one to get the forum page going (you can always delete it later).

    Now go into the dashboard>topics and create a new topic. Again you can trash this later, but you’ll want to see what one looks like.

    Okay, so now we have bbPress with one forum and one topic, but we’ll need to show it somewhere, so go to 3 below.

    2. Alternative – Import a forum !
    If you’re planning on migrating from a different forum and would like to use bbPress but keep all of your original forum data, then you will need to import your existing forum data into bbPress.

    To import forums go to Dashboard > Tools > Forums and go to the tab “import forums”

    If you need anymore help during this importing process there is a guide that will help you here.


    Claudio Pires

    Now we have some forums, we need to have somewhere to display them.
    There are two ways to do this. Most themes support method 1, and this can (can not will) produce tighter theme integration on style . However Method 2 allows you to have some introductory words. Your choice…!
    Method 1
    This requires a couple of checks first
    a. In Dashboard>settings>forums look for what is set in the forum root under the forum root slug heading. The default is ‘forums’ but you can set this to anything
    b. In Dashboard>settings>permalinks check that the common settings check is set to ‘postname’ If it isn’t and you don’t want to change it, then use method 2.
    Now just create a wordpress page that has the heading that was found in a. above eg if the root slug is ‘forums’ create a page with the title ‘forums’, and save.
    Once the permalink has been created, you can rename the page to whatever you wish eg ‘mysite forums’ (as the permalink will stay the same, and it is this permalink that bbpress looks for)
    Save this page, add it to a menu if you are using custom menus, or decide its order if you have automatic menus. Then publish it to your site.
    Job done!
    Method 2
    If either your theme doesn’t work with method 1, you don’t want permalinks with postname, or you want to use some introductory text (eg “welcome to our forums…”, then method 2 is for you.
    In dashboard>pages
    go to add new page
    Call this ‘Forums’ or whatever you want your menu item to be.
    Then in the content section, you may want to have some introductory words “welcome to the forum” etc. then add the following bbpress shortcode
    Save this page, add it to a menu if you are using custom menus, or decide its order if you have automatic menus. Then publish it to your site.
    You will now have a forum page, and a forum to display.

    Claudio Pires

    There are several parameters which you can set to get bbPress working as you want it.

    These are accessed via Dashboard>Settings>forums

    See https://codex.bbpress.org/getting-started/configuring-bbpress/forum-settings/ for further details.

    5. Forum Visibility and access
    You can use a combination of forum visibility and registration to set up who can :

    see your forums
    post in your forums

    Forum visibility:
    Public – Anyone can see these forums
    Private – Only logged in registered users with a forum role can see these forums
    Hidden: Only Moderators/keymasters can see these forums

    Visibility is set for each forum, go into Dashboard>forums> and when you add/edit a forum, you will see visibility options on the right hand side in the forum attributes.

    Users then have a forum role which can be







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